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Joe Biden?

 I thought it was kind of a weird choice for  Barack. I know basically nothing about Biden. I should probably educate myself.

But first, school starts tomorrow and I have A TON of Hamlet work to do.

My new apartment is AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME.

Ciao Bella.

New Home Sweet Home

I move into my new apartment in 3 days! One bedroom, kitchen, living/dining room, bathroom, washer/dryer, dishwasher, 722 sq. ft. and NO ROOMMATE!!! I'm so so so excited. My parents have had this old wooden entertainment center forever. They said I could have it. I then persuaded my Dad to paint it Royal Purple. Hooray! It looks sooooo much better. Other stuff I am taking to my new home include:

-my TempurPedic bed
-my couch/futon
-cork end table (w/ drapery for it)
-my white wooden desk
-my white wooden dresser/vanity
-my white wooden bedside table
-the bookshelf my grandfather built me
-2 bookshelves from Target
-the toy chest my grandfather built me (but not with toys in it)
-22'' TV
-small purple DVD player
-purple toaster oven (!)
-other hand-me-down cooking stuff
-lime green bathroom set and paisley shower curtain
-my desktop
-my laptop
-my stereo
-lots of framed art and pictures
-a zillion books
-a zillion DVDs
-a zillion shoes
-a zillion purses
-a zillion scarves
-a zillion clothes

Good times. Good times. But I'm sooooooooooo far from being all packed and the movers get here 9am on Friday! I live on the 3rd floor and there is no elevator. So my Dad and I can't do it alone. (And let's face it, he would be doing most of the work anyway, hehe) 

My grandmother is getting surgery performed on her back soon, and the doctors think she will be able to climb stairs once she has healed. So she will get to see my place!

And my sister gets here in a few weeks, so she and my nephew Caden will see it too!

I have my own home! YAY!!!!!

School starts Monday, as does Hamlet rehearsal.

I got the part of the wardrobe in next summer's Beauty & the Beast! Fun.

I just got the 4th season of House on DVD. Watching it now. Also coming in the mail are the latest volumes of Will & Grace, The Office, and Family Guy. Oh man I am so addicted to television. Especially Family Guy lately.

PMS. Sucks.

Moving away from home is bittersweet. I'm going to miss my family.

I joined eHarmony! And I actually like it.

The credit card company keeps upping my credit limit. They are stupid. Because eventually I will hit the limit and not be able to pay it off. Oh silly credit card people. I'm a compulsive shopper.

I'm currently reading a book called The Idiot Girl and the Flaming Tantrum of Death by Laurie Notaro. I LOVE her books.

I'm sleepy.

Goodnight loves.


I do believe I am the last girl in Tulsa who is still a virgin. Well, Rosie and Me are the last two. I'm beginning to feel somewhat self-conscious about it though. Ya know? I mean, I must just be a late bloomer I suppose. Still. It feels like I'm lacking something. Suckage. It's just like, when will it be my turn, ya know? I don't know. Sex is so bizarre and can really back-fire in the form of pregnancy or STD's. But that's no reason to shy away from it for ever, right?

Late Bloomer. In need of a hot yet sweet man. Well no.

Maybe I'm being hopelessly idealistic when I say I don't want to lose my virginity unless it's with a person I an truly in love with. I don't care about waiting until marriage. But I do want to be in love for my first time.


Am I worrying about this too much? This was all set off by another really close friend recently getting deflowered.

The End. Comments???

Fuck My Life. (an amusing and true story.)

Sometimes life is so bizarrely unfortunate that it just forces you to laugh at it.

This was my morning.

First, may I add, throughout this entire story, it is pouring down rain. Oh yay.

I had had a great time with some great friends watching the Tony’s last night. And yes friends, I have tagged all the lovely people who were at my house the night before having fun.

So this morning I get up to go to class and my gas tank is ALMOST empty but I think I can make it to the TU campus. After all, I have a class from 10:20 to Noon.


I left my house at 91st and Yale and my car ran out of gas and stopped DEAD IN ITS TRACKS in the middle of the intersection at 21st and Yale.

First I start texting anyone I knew that I thought might live close to where was at. No one replied because let’s face it, my friends are college kids and are not out of bed by 10:30am, right?

I sit there for about 20 minutes with my hazard lights on waiting for my mother to bring me a gallon or two of gas. And thank God for my condescending, overbearing, judgemental mother, because she always manages to pull me out of these sticky situations. And I must say: I do love her very much. Even though she can be a pain in my ass. As mothers, and other family members, can be.

Then there is an accident. A guy named Jason in a white truck and a guy named Brad in a Honda were also involved in this accident. Jason didn’t see that I had my hazards on in time and swerved and hit Brad, and then Jason bounced off of Brad and rear-ended me as well.  The accident was ultimately Jason’s fault but no one was hurt and everyone was insured so it was all good.

My mom was there to help and brought some gas for my poor car.

Then FINALLY the cop came and took everyone’s information. My car has some dents, but it should be fine. Brad had to get his car towed and his wife came to pick him up. Jason’s car was drivable, so he too went on to work.


And somewhere between the POURING RAIN, the CAR ACCIDENT, the fact that I had NO GAS in my car, and it was the middle of a VERY BUSY INTERSECTION, I just had to start laughing. Because, life is bizarre. But no one was hurt and everyone was insured and these two other guys were very kind and it could have been far worse.


At any rate I missed class. I think my car is okay. And now I’m home and dry and going to take a little anti-anxiety medication. Sounds like a plan?

But on a side note, Jason, the guy whose fault it all was, was quite handsome. See? You can always find the hidden bright side.

And that is what made me say “Fuck My Life” even though I laughed all through it.

Unecesssary Update.

Don't you just love how squeaky clean you get just out of the shower? Mmmm, I do.

I interview next week for that job at Bath & Body Works.

Anyone who is unsure about Obama at this point needs to go to hos website and read of the list of untrue rumors circulating about him. This list also provides the truth.

I keep getting headaches. Sucktastic.

I sort of more or less blew off a date with this random guy. He's nice, but there is no spark. Plus he has the potential to be a bit of a Creeper.

I love Google image search.

I love "Family Guy" even more.

Especially Stewie.

Is Lindsay Lohan really a lesbian? Weird.


- The fucking Jonas Brothers

- Bill Cosby

- Blue Collar Comedy

- Trying to make cheesy foods even cheesier.

- Taxidermy

- Regis Philbin's invincibility to Death

- Texas

- Southern Rock

- Baby talk

- Blu Ray discs

- Wearing sunglasses inside

- Beer

- Strawberry Milk

- Carlos Mencia

- The use of gasoline

- Jared from Subway

- Shoulder pads

- The Energizer Bunny

MAYBE TODAY FELT LIKE A BITTER DAY. Even though I enjoyed it.

My Tony Party is tomorrow!!!

Dad and I went out and got decorations, food, and champagne for the party.

Joe went with Mom to get his Senior pictures taken today. He was SO grumpy.

Porn is stupid.

I wish I had a dog that could talk like Brian in "Family Guy".

Or a homicidal baby like Stewie.

I want to go on a vacation completely by myself. Why doesn't money grow on trees? I want to just go to the beach and communicate with absolutely no one else for a solid week.

I think I shall go about winning the Lottery.

I love my parents, A LOT. But they are beginning to drive me crazy. My mom more than my dad. Oh, but you gotta love my parents. I mean, they were completely willing to buy booze for my party for my mostly under-age friends.

I think Dad is going to vote for Obama.

My mom and grandma are undecided as of yet. I'm sending them some not so subliminal messages.

I WANT TO GO TO ITALY!!!  But again, I don't really want anyone else to be there. Except for maybe Rosie. Okay yes, Rosie can come.

I've been watching my brother's "Family Guy" DVDs way too often lately.

Oh life. Life can be so fun. And yet so silly. I should take things less seriously. Everyone should.

Hey, let's get the troops out of Iraq, shall we?

Hey, let's have a universal healthcare plan, shall me?

Hey, let's make gay marriage legal everywhere, shall we?

Mean people should not say bad things about other people's religions simply because those mean people believe something different or are atheistic. That is rude and this is a free country.

Republicans and Democrats should all be nicer to each other. The mud-slinging is getting out of hand. Everyone has a right to their own political beliefs, because again, this is a free country.

Some people need to learn the difference between solid fact and their own opinion.

More Americans should be in therapy.

I think I'm go to go to sleep now.


Oh, money.

Well, last night I spent 300 dollars on new clothes.

And then today I spent 60 dollars at Bath & Body Works.

And I also need to buy some new bras and panties at Victoria's Secret.

Why am I broke? I need new things to wear! And new soap and shampoo and such.

I applied at Bath & Body Works today when I spent 60 dollars at their Clearance Sale. I hope I get the job!

It's hard to go to school, do a play, AND have a job. But I need to do it,

Fingers crossed I get the Bath & Body job!!! Send out good thoughts.


I did get that academic scholorship from TU so, that's awesome.

I'm one hard-working little chica lately.




He is the official Democratic nominee
I really feel like my generation has finally been heard.


I just realized my settings on this thing were set to private, so pretty much no one could read my entries. I've fixed that. Now you may stalk me to your heart's content. 

Train of thought.

I keep feeling like I have a big booger in my nose, but it just turns out to be my nose ring. It's really sore.

The Office is the best show ever.

I truly can't stand some people.

I have taken an Ambien so maybe I can FINALLY get to sleep. It's been about 48 hours since I actually had some REM sleep.

I need to go to the doctor for various reasons.

I think my summer Art History class is going to be pretty cool. As well as easy, which is always nice.

I bought a bathing suit for the first time in 4 years.

My grandmother is a very cool person. I helped her buy hearing aides on ebay. Haha.

Remember Xanga?

MySpace is better than LJ but Facebook TOPS ALL.

Jeremy Hess has finally started to pay the child support he owes my best friend and my Godson.

I saw Caden today! I asked my dad how he got so fat. It was hilarious.

I am desperately in love with a fictional character.

I'm excited for the new Indiana Jones.

I have 4 cavities. I need to do something about that.

This is the first time in like 4 years I'm not totally up to speed on the Tony's. It's been crazy lately.

I have no money.

I'm really looking forward to Hamlet.

I'm starting to shed a few pounds, which feels good.

I get to see a very old friend this summer!

I don't have a job and am not looking very hard either.

Alexandra Poole is my spouse. I can be heterosexual and still have a wife, right?

Memorial Day was yesterday. I miss my grandfather.

I like my therapist.

I like my parents, and I don't care what people say, they are fun to be around. And they are low-key.

We got a new AC unit. THANK GOD.

We also need a new roof. Lame.

My baby brother is going to be a SENIOR next year!!! Cool.

I have decided I want 1 daughter and 2 sons at some point in my life. Their names will be Zoey, Prior, and Broderick. Good names. I also like the names Ella and Roman and Rainne.

I'm an insomniac.

Being awake is silly.

Kudos You!


Hola! Como estas mis amigos?

Well I finished my first semester at TU! I was taking 5 classes and I got 4 A's and one B. Not too shabby for Miss Sarah.

Carnival! finished up smoothly.

I got into the cast of Hamlet for his fall.

My acting professor's sister died the other day. I can't imagine losing a sister. I don't know what I would do if Darcie was no longer in my life. Sisters are amazing.

I got my nose pierced!

I am having a Tony Award Watch Party in 2 weeks! Yay! All my friends are coming! Except Allie and Libby will be at Quartz. Poop. But we will still have a tone of fun.

I start summer classes (Art History this session and Spanish next session) tomorrow! Fun times. I love taking classes. I really do. And I LOVE Tulsa University. It's SOOOOO much better and more credible than NYU. I know that sounds weird but I feel like I am getting a MUCH better education at TU.

I have a new obsession. KIMYA DAWSON. I love her. She is amazing. And so is her music.

I am doing a show this summer, but I don't know which one. Either "Little Women" or I've been tentatively offered the part of Mrs. Lovitt in "Sweeny Todd"! Exciting.

I am in love with like 4 gay guys. Oh but I do love the gays.

Go Obama!

Hugs and Kisses. 


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