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Tales From A Magnificant And Clumsy Life

Reality is for those who lack imagination.

23 April 1988
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I talk to myself. I have an exquisitely Rubenesque figure and a somewhat irrational fear of the silhouetted musical conductor in Fantasia. I believe in both angels and demons though I don’t believe I have seen either, but one can never be sure. I believe that absolutely any problem can be solved with love and junk food. I am petrified of dying before I see every interesting thing in this world. I sleep better during daylight than I do at night. I believe I will die if I eat black olives. I am not easily fazed. I hate answering the phone. I'm fairly mellow. I own dozens of pairs of heels but I never wear anything but flats. I feel completely entitled to be irrational. I still love stuffed animals. I’m obsessed with adding quotes to my facebook page. I IMMEDIATELY judge anyone who actually pays for a tan. I want a successful acting career as well as a husband and 3 children. A girl and 2 boys. I’m excessively idealistic and refuse to be otherwise. I have a tremendous purse and scarf addiction. I do not trust meteorologists. I think too much. I worship and idolize anyone who is 100% genuine all the time, though I have yet to meet such a being. I am going to win a Tony Award one day. I believe in God. I do not believe in ignorance. I believe you are valuable in every way and hope you do too. I love everyone. I love you. It’s true. Kisses.